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Who am I?
A 32 year old It-consultant, working in the local government in the Luster kommune (municipal) in Norway.

Where and what is Barsnes?
Barsnes is a peninsula that is enclosed by the Barsnes fjord (as you can see on the pictures in the 'bilete' (photo) section. As much as nine farms are situated on this (rather small) piece of land. It lies near Sogndal, a village on the westcoast of Norway.
Our farm, Lystrahaugen, is on the westside of this peninsula. The name of the farm originates from the fact that my great-great grandfather, who bought the farm and moved to Barsnes in 1869, came from Luster.

Why this site?
It started out in 1998 as an experiment, became a online CV when I was looking for jobs in 2001, and has since that, little by little, turned into this collection of personal news, articles, and pictures.

How to get in contact
email me at:

American with roots on Barsnes?
Lately I've had some enquiries from American people with ancestors from Barsnes.
I have done, and will do, my best to help you find your living norwegian relatives, and which of the Barsnes farms your ancestors descended from.